I have been dedicated to acting since 1999.

For me, acting is having the opportunity to truly live under imaginary circumstances and to convey all the humanity of the characters I play, giving them my voice and body so that they can express themselves freely with the aim of telling a story.

In addition to that, thanks to my profession, I can touch the soul of the spectator; because a phrase resonated with them, a look moved them, a gesture touched them, a silence identified them… and when that happens, it is simply sublime.

As an Actress, each character gives me their story and with each story I become more human.

I am super sensitive, stubborn, a great friend, extra active, hyper responsible, a born entrepreneur, obsessed with cleanliness and above all Human.

• Height: 1.60m

• Hair: black

• Eyes: brown

• Weight: 62kg

• Build: normal

Location: Madrid, Spain

If someone was needed in my school to act, recite, sing, present, play, dance, or make a poster, I would raise my hand as a volunteer. I was literally involved in everything; with the commitment that my grades had to be good, otherwise I would be forced to abandon any activity other than my academic studies.

During my free time outside of school hours, I was preparing shows, musicals, choreographies, scripts, sets, costumes, props, posters, and contests to put on performances on weekends for the neighborhood children, charging admission of course and covering the windows so that no one could see the performance without paying. All this with the help of my little friends and their mother who, in addition to lending us the house, assisted us.

When the time came to choose what I would do with my life, I thought about veterinary medicine, administration, and accounting because I didn’t think I could continue living off children’s games, let alone in my tiny village where there wasn’t even a movie theater. However, by the twists and turns of life, I ended up moving to another more civilized town and there I discovered theater and began my acting training, which continued in Lima, Peru, where I completely immersed myself in acting, specializing in the art of puppets and working in television.

After many years and with a career made, I moved to Europe and started to spread my wings on this side of the world. I trained in Barcelona in the Meisner acting technique. Always in continuous training, that’s how an actor’s life is.

I have participated in various film projects:

Today I can say that I am still that little girl who played at acting and that my profession fills me with pride, passion and love.


Videobook Yohana Yara, November 2023


La Central de Actores

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For almost 24 years I have been dedicated to puppets and this has led me to develop many voices, nuances and intonations. I have applied this to the world of voice-overs for over 10 years.

I have the ability to do voices: institutional, children’s, commercial, cartoons, among many others. It’s a facet that I love because it allows me to use my imagination and create stories with my voice.

Ojalá pudiera, dirigido por Alan Frederiksen
Andrés me escuchas? (Jimena, Olaja Pudiera)
A tí nadie te ha faltado el respeto (Jimena, Olaja Pudiera
Vergüenza de comportarse como se están comportando (Jimena, Olaja Pudiera)
Pero si son ustedes las que están gritando! (Jimena, Ojala Pudiera)
Opticalia Online Colombia
Notodo Filmfest
© Cartoon Network
© Cartoon Network
Cartoon 1
Cartoon 2
Cartoon 3

More videos

More videos where you will see different colors and nuances of my craft; in addition to presentations. Enjoy it!

Videobook Yohana Yara, Noviembre del 2023
The Balcony
Presentación (español)
Présentation (français)
Presentation (english)
Guillermina Milamores


This sector of fiction fascinates me and thanks to my producer’s eye, my manual skills and my fashion designer facet, I consider that my work is effective in this field. When I immerse myself in making things with my hands, time does not exist and my creativity is potentiated, generating in me a feeling of well-being and enjoyment.

I have worked on two projects and both have been period pieces. I have also applied this potential to theatrical scenography and puppets.

El retrato
En la frontera

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